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Looking For An Automotive Electrician


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Hello everyone,

Not quite sure if this is appropriate place to post this kind of stuff, if its not, moderator may delete it.

Anyway. I'm running a small workshop and still trying to build on a good, skilled, honest, employee base. I'm searching for an automotive electrician who is familiar with the modern electronic functions of vehicles and its service. It doesnt matter if he is still in the learning phase. I would prefer someone with a background from German-tech, AETI or City & Guilds. He can either be employed full time or work on contract basis with us. It is negotiable. Please recommend me anyone with a good workmanship. Thank you in advance.

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It is very difficult to find Auto Electrician the standard you are looking, just out from the institutions, what you have mentioned.

Publish an advertisement on HITAD offering a total take home salary of Rupees 30000.00 or more then you will be able to get a talented good auto Electrician. At lest he should have 10 years experience over 30 years of age.

Knowledgeable person who have worked on a big establishment where they do all type of motor vehicles? He must be able to do correct diagnoses of the faults. Not to do trial and error experiments, on customers vehicles.

Today most of our technicians do Trial and error replacements. Until the fault comes correct, by that time so many unnecessary good parts also replaced.

I have two technicians both are costing me more tha Rs: 70000.00 for a month one younger person takes 6 to 8 days leave other person takes 4 days for a month full board and lodging given at my expence, for my Automobile sevice.

Sylvi Wijesinghe.

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Thank you for the reply sylvi. Indeed it is very hard to find a competent automotive electrician. I have been searching one for the past 7 months without success. The good electricians prefer to work alone. Most who dont have experience are definitely going to learn by burning things that belong to the customer or the owner of the workshop.

Someone with middle east experience would be nice. I found one in his 50's who used to work in Audi company in Bahrain but he didnt continue too long as he was attending religious duties.

Advertising on hit-ad would be the last choice because I would have no idea of who I'm going to hire. So I prefer if somebody recommend an electrician to me, hence I wouldnt have to worry about supervising him every 5 minutes. We'll see how it goes. Thanks again for your reply.

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