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L200 Trojan


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Hi Guys

I am interested of buying a L200 Trojan. But i haven't seen this model on roads much. Can anybody tell me

1. Current price that is going

2. Is it a good choice compared to other double cabs (L200 warrior, hilux)

3. Maintenance cost

4. Fuel consumption

5. Any other special issues related to this particular model

Basically i like the look of it.

Thank you



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He might be right on one thing. We generally discuss a L200 called the Warrior, or Strada. Not aware of this Trojan branding. Wiki doesn't have anything. Google seems to indicate a Brit branding?

L200 against the other manufacturers, definitely has plenty of talk. Just search for L200 should get you going.

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Guys thank you for all the opinions.. I searched all over internet to find out abt this particular model, but always it ends up with that creepy looking new L200.

Can somebody tell me the price and the other special features of this model compared to warrior or Animal.

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NO its not the one i am looking for.


this is the on i am looking for. It all mixed up and i have seen this model comes with the name warrior. The one with the similar face as the old montero sport.

This is Mitsubishi L200 (Third Generation).

(I already posted the caltalog of this model in Car Catalogues & Brochures , but not found Trojan there, as it is a UK model , I think)

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I talked to a guy who is importing cabs from UK. This model is manufactures in South Afrika for UK market. And it goes around 4mn.

This is the older model. I don't know if there was a Trojan version of it. The one which Sampath has posted a picture is the newer version.

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