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Land Rover Series 3


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I am thinking of buying a Land Rover Series 3. So I am asking advices from the experts regarding the followings,

  • What will be the avareage price of a good series 3
  • What is the engine(and engince CC) and the gear-box it has
  • What are the things I need to check, if I am to buy one
  • How about the,
    • Fuel Consumption
    • Maintainance
  • Is it good vehicle to do off-roading

Thanks in advance...

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Mate, the Land Rover Series 3 was produced circa 1971 to 1985. The contents of your query do not sound like this is the model you are looking for.

Are you referring to Land Rover Discovery Series III (Or Discovery 3 as it is mostly known), which started production in 2004?

Why not be specific on the model you are looking for, do a simple internet search on specifications, engine size and transmission, etc, and then seek advice from the forum regarding user expereinces, maintenance and parts availablilty, price, etc in the SL context?

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Land Rovers have been discussed way too many times and almost all threads have a LOT of useful information. So I dont think it's the best use of the members' time to re-type everything for you. Please do a search on the forum and you'll get more information that you could use.

And Landrovers in general have such a big following around the world, and I doubt its hard to find any specific info on it on the internet. Of course results dont walk onto the screen of lazy people ;)

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Just to add, the original “Series 3” and the “Discovery 3” came out in Diesel/Petrol variants and the Disco 3 with Auto/Manual gearbox.

Specify which variant you are looking at as well.

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