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How To Clean Marks (Put By Car Sale) On A Windscreen



How to clean marks (put by car sale) on a windscreen?

The kind of marks am talking about are the various numbers and letters etc that car sale guys (or may be the shipping agent or who ever) write on windscreens with a paint or marker.

Some of it had not been cleared properly and still visible.

Tried water with a bit of rubbing, windscreen washer fluid, car shampoo.

Above did not solve the problem (or I did not try hard enough).

Found the following and similar ones in the forum, but they do not address the exact problem. (I you remember there was a discussion, and also remember the post, appreciate if you point it out. My search missed such).




Someone suggested scraping off.

But reluctant to use too much force or any method which may leave scratch marks on windscreen (not my car either :speechless-smiley-003: ) or may damage any other surface of the car.

What is the best way to remove this stuff from the windscreen please ?


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did you try with Kerosene?

Not yet. Had used it before on a door panel to remove some stuff. Anyway on the bodywork, any adverse effect is more cosmetic and in the worst case,will result in damaged paint. Was worried of using it on the windscreen though, since any adverse effect may cause problems for driving. Could give it a try if it works for this paint stuff.

yes there's be a slight shade after removing/washing away the actual paint, but that too fades (or washes away) within a few weeks

Good to hear that.

Which technique did you exactly use to remove the paint?. Kerosene ?


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I beleive that the OP is merely referring to the writing done on the windscreen with a paint like ink. And I'm yet to see any of these writing on the body (or even the rubber beadings). Like i siad the paint itself can be removed with kerosine/petrol, just that they leave a slight hint of a shadow after its cleaned. And this too is visible mostly when its either raining or you try really hard to FIND it. Anyway it doesn't obstruct vision, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

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