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Issues After Brake Pads Replacement

Sampath Gunasekera

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Dear Friends,

(My vehicle – Perodua Viva Elite Standard Auto – Automatic Transmission model without ABS - Mileage 30,000km)

Today morning 30,000km service done at Unit#d Mot#rs – Orugodawatta.

Just after that, replaced front brake pads (Genuine Perodua Brake pads). I was with the vehicle throughout the process.

In the evening when I return back home, I heard a sound from right hand side rear wheel, when release the brake paddle. (The same sound I have observed when car start to move following day/s after a car wash and it disappears.) Today I heard this sound time to time on my return home.

After I reached home, I touched front rims and they were extremely hot like when brake bind happens. But no burning smell (Kara ganda). No performance failure in braking but felt small difficulty in accelerating the vehicle.

I am bit confused.

My questions are,

  1. When new brake pads installed, is it possible to overheat relevant rims soon after? (Drove only 35km just after brake pad replacement). Can it be a brake bind issue?

2. Sound from rear wheel, is it normal due to car wash? (Also I will wait and see tomorrow)

Another fact: Last time (in 2012) replaced brake pad model code was Perodua 04465-BZ120 (by Unit#d Mot#rs)

Today model code was Perodua 04465-18R02 by Unit#d Mot#rs. (After I came home only I observed this after seen previous brake pad box). Just sent an e-mail to Perodua Customer Service Malaysia asking the difference between both model codes. (To verify this with Unit#d Mot#rs I have to wait till Monday as they have closed on weekends).


Guys, let me have your valuable instructions.

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1. There is a possibility for the brakes to bind (particularly discs) when you change to new pads. This is due to rust forming on the piston from within closer to the rubber boot. Now that you installed new pads the piston is fully retracted and the if rusty part is in contact with the ring or the outer housing you may get a brake bind. However, please note that the front discs really get heated up depending on the terrain you drive, For example downhill for couple of kms like coming from Haputale.

2. No comments. As you said you may have to wait for the pads to dry up and rust to settle.

Edit: I forgot to add the effect of rust on the slide pins to 1 above. Please note that too.

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