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Galant 2000-2003


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Hi guys,

I am planning to change my car. So my idea is to go for a Mitsubishi galant 2002. I failed to find any infomation about those cars and how they perform in Sri Lanka.

Please any one enlight me about these cars


Sorry if repost

I had a 2002 EA7A 2ltr Viento model with the GDI engine and the INVECS II sport mode 4 speed AT. However it was not used in Sri Lanka. IMO It drove good with adequate power. Very steady and reasonably quiet even at speeds of 150kmph. Did around 10kmpl in city driving ( not as congested as city roads in Colombo though) and returned around 14kmpl cruising at 100-130kmph intercity. I doubt getting those figures even on a 1.8 Galant in Sri lanka. They are quite popular here in NZ specially the VR4 2.5ltr twin turbo V6 and the Legnum (Station Wagon) versions which I don't think are seen on Sri Lankan roads

In Sri lanka where petrol consumption is THE main concern to many when buying a car, the Galant has lost out to various other smaller and economical models and trying to get rid of a Galant may pose problems. On current trends, if I am not mistaken, you should be able to get one for around 1.5m. Try and avoid the GDI engine as in SL there is a phobia towards GDI engines.

In Sri Lanka the police had quite a few of them being used by DIGs and the mobile units. I don't think they had the GDI engines.

All in all IMO it's a good car though may be not considered so in SL.

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I've been using a 2005 Galant (2.0 ltr petrol A/T) for a couple of years now, and I love it :-)

Not a fuel efficient car in colombo traffic, can coax out 8 kmpl if you go real easy on the gas pedal, but its usually around 7 kmpl. But on an open road, it's awesome in every way! Superb acceleration and great handling (for a big car).

If you rely on Unimo for parts, then of course you need deep pockets.. but u can go for good japanese brands for regular things like brake parts, filters etc.. and u can get small (not heavy) parts delivered from Japan directly, by ordering online (did that with all the genuine timing belt parts, and i spent 25k as opposed to 70k at the agents !!).

If you like large cars, and don't mind the fuel economy (or the lack of it) go for a Galant. Probably the only car in it's class that you can get for that price.. a really good one (2005 or later) would probably still go less than 2 mil. If it comes with a leather interior, make sure the leather is not all worn out.. it's not easy to repair that here..

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