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Best Car to buy between 2.7M and 3.3M - Reconditioned or Brand New



Dear Members,

I am new and looking for my first car. However, Since I don't have much mechanical knowledge on cars, I m afraid of buying a second hand one. Therefore, I wish to buy a reconditioned or brand new one. I expect your suggestions based on followings:

Status: Reconditioned or Brand New 

Make: Any (but prefer Toyota)

Color: White Or Blue

Budget: 2.7 M to 3.3 M

Year: from 2014 - if reconditioned

Resell- Second hand market

Fuel consumption

Transmission: Any

However, I feel, it d better to go for Toyota Vitz, Suzuki Swift s too. 




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For starters...

I think you meant to say 27 lakhs to 33 lakhs.... 27m(illion) to 33m(illion) would mean you can be looking at Mercs and BMWs and stuff...

Secondly, there is no such thing as reconditioned cars anymore. I think what you actually want is an (unregistered) used car from Japan or a brand new car. Used cars you get from Japan are as-is cars. Basically as-is cars are used cars that have been cleaned up and then exported out of Japan, in some cases small repairs may or may not be fixed depending on what the buyer wants. "Reconditioned" cars are something that was around in the 80s when the usual practice was that cars were bought and redone (painted, fixed, parts changed if needed) before exporting out of Japan, after reconditioning the car got that blue circular sticker with a white swastika on ot. This lead to problems of crappy cars being exported so Japan stopped doing it in the late 80s (actually a few Sri lankan auto exporters in Japan at the time were partly responsible for this change) . So in this modern day and age..you don't want to buy a "reconditioned" car. 

Thirdly, and finally, if those are the cars you want then haven't you already answered your question ? The only remaining options are the kei cars from Japan (Wagon R, Alto, etc..). These cars have been discussed quite a lot over the last few days so please go through those threads and ask any specific questions you may have ?

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