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High idle rpm


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Hi my friends,

I experienced improper gear shifting of my car which is Toyota Carina AT 192 automatic, specially when I slow down gears are not shifted to a lower gear. I checked several things and one thing I was able to find was the improper TPS position. Exisitng position gave ECU that the car is in "idle" mode eventhough i depressed pedal halfway through..  Then I set the set up as per the car manual so that  TPS "IDL" gives the correct signal to ECU.  Then I experienced that the improper gear problem was not any more.

However now my idle rpm is lil bit high. Its around 1200 at Parking with no AC. With AC its around 900. This is too much as per my manual. 

Also checked NE, IGT signals and also IACV control o/ps at ECU and attached herewith. These values are bit different from what should be as per manual. I think the reason for this difference is high idle rpm. 

Appreciate any experte would advice me on how to reduce idle rpm now..

P.S. - book exrraction pictures are what should be..

Oscilliscope pics are exisiting parameters..

Picture 1 - IGT signal

Picture 2 - NE signal

Picture 3 - RSO signal at AC off

Picture 4 - RSO signal at AC on

Picture 5 - Datasheet NE and IGT signals

Picture 6 - Datasheet RSO signals







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