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Universal Studios F & F


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hey guys,

this week i went to Universal Studios, birth place of the Fast & the Furious !!!! really amazing place!!

anyway, they have this studio tour and on it you go past this place where they have simply dumped the old cars used in movies..... something tells me they wont even relialize if one went missing...check them out!!!!

p7110182qw7.th.jpg p7110041dk0.th.jpg p7110042yn9.th.jpg

little treat for Peri.... <_<

p7110043qm7.th.jpg p7110048bc2.th.jpg p7110063jr9.th.jpg

Will try to post some more later...

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nice pics dilesh...very shaky tho...did the skyline make u shiver?


no these pictures were taken while in a moving vehicle...:D no other reason.. :(

The only time i was shivering when taking pictures was at this Monster Track Rally thingy at Del Mar.. i knew they were loud.. but the very first truck started its run like 30 feet from where we were.. and it revved up and it was soo loud for about 2 minutes my hands were trembling!! they are sooooo freaking loud!!! first time i'be been scared by something on 4 wheels! u guys wanna see some trucks?

Some more form Universal

p7110017kd2.th.jpg p7110019hx8.th.jpg p7110024sl5.th.jpg

p7110050dx9.th.jpg p7110052xi9.th.jpg p7110055me6.th.jpg

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:ph34r: Mad!!! i checked it out wit universal studios' help line, :wacko: ,der not the orginal, dey r all the stunt doubles dey made, to crash n burn but still workth nickn 1 lmao

:D hey man did u see the supra from F&F 1, my dream car, will hav dat 1 day, or atleast somfin close 2 dat lol :wub:

no i dont think the upra was around...

Well, then again they did ahve like 5-7 exact replica's of each car made for the movie.. Though the insides of some looked as detailed as could be. So i guess you could call them 'stunt-doubles', but they still looked amazing!!!

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