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Mystery Bmw "z29" Unveiled


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doesnt it look a bit like this one below....

u seem to have missed out a minor point. 4 doors vs 2 doors.

And FYI, most sports cars share the same layout and shape. Only differs in the details. Side view will look a lot like a Z4 coupe too.

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Hmmmm Strange design.

The rot of classic BMW design continues :D . Creating something new just for the sake of change is stupid. It's just that BMW is such a strong brand and the fact that the cars are great help it not to lose credibility.

I think the front end looks a childish attempt, the profile looks like a shrunken Z4 coupe and the rear looks a bit of a sqaured off Mazda 6 :violent-smiley-030: .

I hope they get back to the great design language they had in the 80s and 90s.

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yes there are M3's but doubt there are any M5's...

on a side note...sorry saliya but i've had to remove that link off your signature...advertising rules bud...

You're wrong Shaks.. there one E39 M5 according to my knowledge....

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well for me, this cars (bmw z29) front instantly reminded the Chrysler Crossfires's back

i am too lazy to post a pic but i think you should compare and see.

i think with extra boost, BMW hopes the front side will be better after some accidents. -j/k

BTW,1 of my uncle (in SL) owned a old white BMW (18- or something) it was saying M5 on the badge. uncle was not a guy to replace badges or things like that and i havent asked him is that a true m5 or not. but I think it didnt had a perfomance engine, so it could have been a rebadged in the uk. ha ha- but he loved it so much and he kept it in a garage for decades before selling it recently.

but do you think in uk some one would rebadge a car like that bmw 5 (long time ago) ?

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