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Tuning Su Carbs - Help!


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Hi guys

Need some help.

I have been doing some work lately on my Mini 1275 Cooper. However, I just can't seem to get the twin SU carbs synchornised.

I thought of replacing them with a webber carb, but thats against my desire to keep the car original as possbible. So back to the SU's.

I have taken it to every engine shop I can think of and ran it through all sorts of equipment. I have messed around the settings endless times my self, but still no luck. No matter what it reverts back to the same old problem....two pistons run perfect and the other two run rich.

My only other option seems to be to replace the entire carbs and inlets with a brand new one. But thought of trying you guys before that.

Any advice or experience of this nature and your solution to it will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi "sir" Duncan!

Sorry I missed the post and its my friend Hola told me about about your carb prob!

It seems that its a kinda syncro problem encountered! try following and get back with the results!

Get the engine to working temp and disconect choke cable and unscrew the throttle adjusting srew till the throttle is fully closed and screw it up again one complete turn.

Hold the jet up against the nut and adjust the nut until engine runs smoothly.

rest is very important

Raise the piston of left carb aprx .8mm.

If the engine speed increases,mixure is too rich.If decreases,tooweak.If momentarly increases very slightly the mixture is correct.

Try the same with right carb.

Tell if failed and problem exists.Then we will have to try the linkage adjusting and harmonizing!

Good luck!



[email protected]


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