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Koenigsegg Ccx Goes For Top Speed Title With 900bhp!


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we all know Koenigsegg haz got the best lap time in top gear and did so in itz second attempt wit a fancy spoiler that increased downforce aka reduce top speed! datz now a thing of the past besides Veyron has never run in top gear!

4get all that crap top gear! the latest newz is the new CCX could potetially beat the veyron in top speed?

the ccx coming straight out from the factory it can deliver 900 hp (671 kW) on biofuel... could this potentially mean ferdinand piechz dream has finally ended ?


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Damn I cant access the link! It is gets blocked. May be coz I'm surfing from office.

Would like to see a head to head comparison of the Veyron & the Koenigsegg.

i have got two top gear episodes featuring the koniggsegg! if u want!

and if u r further interested in Koenigsegg v. Veyton i can give u some links too!

even if the swweds are to make it this time! the veyron will fight back... i have absolutely no doubt about that!

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