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Toyota Axio 2014



Guys I need a help.. I’m trying to buy a Toyota Axio 2014 model for less than 4 million.. will it be a bad investment? Will I have issues with the battery? Will I have to take a big loss when trying to sell after about 3 or 4 years? What are the alternative vehicles I can go for the same budget so that I won’t lose a lot of money when selling? Thanks a lot 

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I have an Axio 2014 and so far it has been a pretty good drive. Market wise the axio was almost 5 Million a few years back and even the newer WXB model goes for 6.8Mil so id say its not bad for 4 mil considering how people are demanding 3-3.5 mil for the older 141 axio/Corolla. The 2014 one has a bunch of better feature upgrades and ride comfort is a lot more refined compared to the earlier 141 with a more simple dash layout.  I am no horoscope reader to tell if the car will depreciate or appreciate in the future but as a general rule you cant expect a car to not depreciate over time. Just make sure you dont get a hacked up version with a very high mileage. find one with proper service records and you should be ok. In general toyotas hold their value well in the SL market compared to other brands and id say for your budget its a good choice. 

Alternatively you can check honda civic GD (2009-11ish), Insight (2011-13), Lancer EX (a lot of experts here on the EX and pretty good reviews), Mazda 3 (2011ish), Nissan Bluebird Sylphy G11 (2008-11)

I havent done a blog entry on the axio yet but here is a quick run-through i wrote about it recently. 

There is no perfect car so expect to spend some cash to maintain it and look after it well, when its time for an upgrade expect to sell it for a lower price than what you bought it initially. Its part of the car ownership experience, Enjoy your ride and mod it from time to time. 


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