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Converting Bj40


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Hey Guys,

Im thinking of converting my BJ40 from leaf spring to coil spring. But Im not sure about it's impact. Please


I don't know much about this but for sure the ride will be better, you will have more axel articulation and you wont have problems with broken leafs.

On the down side I think the main problem is that you have to find the correct guy to do it and the correct diffs.

BTW are you looking to get more lift by converting to coils?

I know of a certain Land Rover Series vehicle which was converted to coils and it now looks like a monster & goes like one too. I think he used the same differentials found in the original. From what I have heard that vehicle is really good off road after fitting with coils because of the wheel travel and so on.

Anyway its a good project. All the best.

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Hi there

I have to agree with GUMMYBR. Coil springs will certainly give you better wheel travel, thus better traction. However, if it is serious off-roading you are looking for, then stick to solid axels. Don't go for independent suspension. The ride might be hard, but solid axels gets the work done.

One word of caution though, when getting the conversion done, make sure that a person/workshop that knows their stuff handels it. Impropper conversions can lead to balance problems.

Once the conversion is done and you want to improve on this, then you could think of front and rear diff locks.


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Thanks Duncun.. I found some references too..


I wrote to him and he responded saying

"I have not had any problems with this conversion. The only thing is that I did not use any rubber bushing in the rear. So all road noises gets into the car. But I buildt mine mainly for off-road so it's not a problem."

Looks pretty cool. But i dont think running without rubber bushes, is not a good idea.

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I know of guy in SL who has done quite a good job of convering his BJ40 into Coils. He has used LJ-79 trailing arms and the mount kit. The guy actualy lives in Habarana and does quite alot of off-roading as well as on-roading into colombo and back.

Try speaking to him... His name is Warner - 777 182447

Let me know how things go...




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