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Whats Your Phone???


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Am using a low down Nok 1110... itz a OK fone if you come into terms with the facts that there s no colour screen, no grps, no infra red, no blue tooth.. nothing lolz.. good for basic operating such as calls, texting and few others..

Planning to upgrade to Nok N73 hopefully with time.. donations accepeted.. :-)


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I think some guys are jealous that my topics are most active in this forum..

well seems like no encouragement in participating in this site and a lot of big head fellows out here

i am thinking of going off from this forum

well still thinking ;

relax, jokesne...

here is my phone. Nokia 7260. Good batery,very rare,stylish.But no external memory, very delicate, no duplicate parts which realy fits in


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This is become more and more like an IT/Phone forum.

have to agree very sadly :angry: dont want to criticize or anything.. but these topics are boring.. And there are two many other sites that cover them. And after all there is a 'post whoring' thread..

i agree with both of you. it is a pretty sad scene. This is what happens when some members think it’s a ‘must’ to take part in this forum every single day.

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Samsung D820 .... it looks like ministry's D900.....

and its for sale (can I say that ?)

yes you can say that, but you "may" not say that :P

bdw mine z LG-U8130



i bought it when the phone prices were high and now itz rather cheap :(

Fine guys

Me off then

just sick of listening to big heads out here trying to b smart :D

since u left this thread has been rather active ... y not come back again :D

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poooh, good thread men...here why not tell the model number,features,price etc? I want to get the one nadskit as a present (a girl) but its 29k here, heard can get it for 18k in dubai.

U sure its 29K here..coz one of ma friends checked the price last week n it was 35K, and at So** L**** its 38K..Its Nokia 6111

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