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Hello everyone,

:( I am a Sri Lankan living in London doing a lousy 9 to 5 administrative job & was surprised when I stumbled across this web site to see all you motoring enthusiasts in active communication about motors. I straightaway registered myself as I am a very big fan of cars & spend whatever free time available under the bonnet or under my vehicle doing it up. (As much to my knowledge).

Anyway, as I need to break from this vicious cycle & finally do something I like I intend to return to SL & start up an import business importing parts for makes such as Volvo,Renault,Peugeot,Citronen,Ford & Mini etc. Before this I need to do some ground work as to what makes & models are more in demand. Could the motoring community in this forum shed some light on this issue? I need some advice on customs regulations as well in importing parts. Also I have a very good contact that deals with minor accident damaged cars, which can surely be repaired. (Within 3 years of manufacture with very low mileage). Can I ship these in damaged condition as I have seen some really good young talent in Sri Lanka who can sort these motors out. Also it will help them out in terms of employment as well. What are the import regulations for this & can they be registered once professionally repaired.

Hope I get some or any feedback on these issues as it is getting a bit frustrating & I think I am really loosing it over here. :angry:



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Hello DV,

Yep, bred & born in SL although a british citizen now.Living for the last 7 years in U.K.



sl has a quite good market base for european cars but not as much as japanese. since some of the agents not doin a good business SL still has the room for european spare parts and vehicles.. I would say peugeot 406 parts are the fast moving and demanding compare to other european models..

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