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New Rules Killing The F1 :(


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The full list of measures agreed (from the FIA's press release)

i) Engines will be stabilised from the 2006 Chinese Grand Prix. These will be the only engines used from and including the 2007 season.

ii) This means that no further developments of the engines will be allowed other than re-tuning for the 19,000 rpm limit, to be agreed in each case with the FIA under the terms of the 2008 Formula One Sporting Regulations.

iii) From 2009 the Formula One Technical Regulations will include means to promote fuel efficiency including energy recovery and re-use. All relevant regulations for 2009 will be published no later than December 31, 2006.

iv) GPMA has setup a working group to examine possible future rules for Formula One which will allow a performance advantage to be obtained by means of more efficient use of available energy. These future regulations may include changes to current power units. The FIA and other engine suppliers will join this group.

v) As a result of the above the FIA and GPMA are now in full agreement about the future of the FIA Formula One World Championship.

Fuk scene i dont know what the heck they are going to achieve by imposing this rules

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its a mass insanity.. i can't believe they wont allow engine development from here onwards...

I guess it can do what they want it to, to promote efficiency, but i don't see how they can they make it more efficient with the current design frozen. am i the only one baffled by that?

and more than that if a team doesn't have a "good" engine by the end of this year, they are screwed for next 2 years?? So they can only find more speed in chassis development etc, but the other teams will be doing the same. So doesn't this remove one variable in making the sport more competitive?

There are around 72% people opposing this(saw it in BBC last nite) but eventhough FIA is impossing this for the first time in history after such controversy

now schumy is going to be off and so many stupid rules coming up, all in all F1 is going to be boring from 2007

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I think this was inevitable. The costs were just too much, turning the sport into a "corporate only" participation. I think the new cost cutting rules will take F1 back to its beginnings with Private teams re-entering. Quite a few private teams have shown interest, and David Richards making up the 12th team in 2007.

I personally prefer this. But other areas of development will carry on. When the V8 engines were introduced, everyone cried "boring"!! Into its first season and the V8s are matching last year lap times.

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