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Mercedes Factory


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it aint hi-tech! itz low tech ;-) i mean.. just imagine man... in companies like toyota and nissan, practically all the assembling and manufacturing are done via automated machines/robots.. here on the other hand.. every piece o the car is given indivudal "human" attention.. and thats where the quality starts to rise (depends on the motivation/salary of the workers mind ya!)...

I wonder how the f the factory of Bugati Veyron will be :-)


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Hey Guyz....

My Frnd told me tat SLR is not sold in U.S. da reason is it has a high emmision power...

Wot is emmision power...

I hav no idea wot tat is....


the SLR is in the US... in the advert for "the Aprentice" Donald Trump comes into the scene driving one... and Jey Leno was given one as payment for hosting the Launch ceremony of the Maybach in the US....


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Even paris hilton has one, though she doesnt know how to open the door of it. B)B)


she does?!! well the only doors she knows the open very wel is hers... am sure the ceremonial opening is stil circulating the net in the form of some video file me remember... i do wonder how she rose to fame though...


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