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What is the Best ATF for Nissan Tiida (Standard Auto) 2007 Car ?


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Dear Members,

Recently, one of my family member bought a Nissan Tiida , standard Auto version. 2007 Car with clock 145K kms. Previous owner has done all the services including Gearbox oil change. But he has used Mobil multipurpose ATF instead of Nissan Matic D or Mobil3309. When searched in the Internet found that Mobil multipurpose ATF is Semi synthetic Dexron III H compatible oil. Do we need to flush all the current Gearbox oil (Mobil ATF) & fill Nissan Matic D ? ( When checked with A*W they said they are using only Matic D for Nissan Tiida)

Kindly give you expert opinion on this. Thanks in advance. 🙂



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Dextron is GM standard for ATF and since ATs were popular in the US the Dextron standard sort of got embedded. Nissan Matic-D is Dextron compatible. Depending on the design year of the AT unit the transmission should be compatible with whatever the Dextron standard was at that time (unless the gearbox had some funky mechanism to hill hold and shifting like Honda didn...being an entry level Nissan you do not have to worry about that). 

My guess is that your gearbox woudl want something like a Dextron II (since the actual contruct of the gearbox is old)..or at most a Dextron III type fluid. SInce you already have a Dextron III oil you are covered eitherway. Would the Nissan oil have helped...yes but no. The composition of Nissan's fluid (like zinc levels, etc..) and viscocity may have been determined to benefit the materials and contruct of the gearbox. But will it make a HUGE difference ? Not really...transmission might be slightly inefficiend but I doubt you will notice it. So do not worry....just enjoy the car and first get any other more important requirements looked in to (timing belt/chain components, brakes, suspension, etc...). Then next time put the Nissan or any other compatible oil you are comfortable with. Since you have a semi-synthetic oil it might not last as long as a synthetic one so have a rethink about the change interval.

If your car had a CVT or even a funky/special AT unit then I would have said stick with what the user manual says...but....this is he beauty of old fashioned mechanical components.

Yes, A*W will use only Nissan Maic D because that is the only oil they have ? Same with Toyota...Toyota SL will sell an oil that Toyota has partnerships with. 

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