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Hottest Conversion!!!


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imagine when he is want regiter it.

what name should u use?????

Easy: Wanna be cool-only goes in a straight line-white trash-ugly american piece of shit.

Easily the dumbest thing I've seen so far. This bugger could have easily sold his Mustang and off THAT money bought a Cobra AC kit car with a donor Mustang engine and tranny.

What an idiot. :blink:

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Definately a Mustang, no mistaking those lines, but err..most of the members on this site drive (and drag) front wheel drive cars.......

Lines yes. How about the wheel base and doesn't it look under wheeled or what? The front wheel arch seems to be extremely close to the door line. And again there's that long over hang.

Did not mean to offend FWDrivers, I drive one too :rolleyes: . But RWD is more rewarding (especially for a sports car with high outputs) to the driver as most purists and knowledgable folk will agree.

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