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Toyota Axio NKE - 165 (Hybrid) (2014)




I have been using a Toyota Axio NKE 165 for over 7 years now and off late, the dreaded problems of a hybrid started to flare up, that is the battery issue and the ABS issue.

I had a scan done on the vehicle and it shows;

1. Hybrid battery fault

2. ABS actuator fault

I enquired around regarding the repair and it seems to be quite an expensive job.

The technician claims that both the modulator and actuator pumps as well the hybrid battery needs to be changed, but one technician claims that if only the faulty item of the ABS system (I.e., the actuator) is changed, it should suffice and a battery change can be done a little later.

Also, the major problem is they are replacing with reconditioned parts but since I am a heavy user of the vehicle, I am a little hesitant to replace with reconditioned parts, instead I am looking for Brandnew parts which seems to be very expensive in Sri Lanka.

Any help on repairing the above would be highly appreciated. Also, please feel free to share any contacts of good, reliable technicians who will do a fine job at a reasonable price and any place to buy the spare parts.

Thank you


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well for the hybrid battery there are several options. you can get a band new battery from Toy#ta L#nka 500,000.

or get individual cell replace the cost will be 20000 per unit or get battery from a reputed place with a warranty.


my car too had a cell replace but was done by the previous owner 

The ABS issue check the accumulator or modulator this is a large issue have you replaced the brake oil, or do a complete clean up, that might reduce the problem.



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Thank you for your reply.

As for the hybrid battery, I was given a few contacts and I don’t think that should be a problem.

As for the ABS unit, I have been asked to replace the modulator as well as the actuator pump. I am unable to find Brandnew parts at a reasonable price and I am hesitant to buy a reconditioned one since I am a heavy user of the vehicle.

Thank you

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