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Busted Engine : Rebuild Or Replace Engine With Recondition


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Hi All,

Thought about what to do after your engine get busted (Critical State) ? (Worn Out, Damaged engine block)

What’s more advantageous? Rebuild the engine, buy a remanufactured engine or replace with a recondition engine ?


NPrimera :):D

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That really depends on your definition of 'busted'.

If we're talking engine blown, then your cams. crank and valves are sure to take some of the damage. The main concern would be whether your block is intact or not.

Rebuilding is expensive- if you use orginal parts, sometimes more costly than buying a junk engine. I use the work "junk" engine because there's no such thing as a recon'd engine...they just yank engines out of damaged/condemned cars and sell them here.

Having said that though, i know 3 instances of such engines being used in racing application, and they've been good for a few races before needing attention.

Find out how your block is- then decide whether its a question of buying another engine or not. The best combination is both, where you can cannibalise parts to make a better engine.

I believe Lal&Nihals or Edirisinghe Bros. have equipment to verify whether your block is good or not.

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