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Braking Issue: Toyota Axio 2015 Hybrid - Car Forces Backward When Brakes Applied

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I'm having with my Toyota Axio 2015. Whenever I hit the brakes, my car unexpectedly forces backward, making driving in stop-and-go traffic incredibly annoying and inconvenient. I haven't been able to get my car serviced for about a year cuz I've been aboard. The brakes are seem to be working okay, but I think the issue lies with the air pump or vacuum system related to the brakes. It's like the brake booster or vacuum system might be acting up, causing this backward force when I try to stop. Is it might be ABS issue? Does anyone have an idea?


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What do you mean by saying forcing backwards ?

FYI, CVTs have a tendency to have a forceful/jerkish decelerating jerk as soon as you take the foot off the accelerator pedal (which at times can get very jerkish when the foot gets put on the brake or when the regenerative brake system kicks in in hybrids). So like in manual or even standard automatic cars you don't feel a gentle cruise down when you take the foot off the accelerator pedal. Are you referring to that? 

If so...then it is normal. Just that over time it can get a bit strong. So things like proper CVT fluid changes, etc...are vital.

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