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4x4 Trophy Rivers Edge-kochikade


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Team 4X4 Negombo has organized the CIFL 4X4 TROPHY RIVERS EDGE at a new4X4 venue in Kochikade and will be held on 9th September (Sunday).

Location is easy to find,Just go to Kochikade town and Directions are displayed to the 4X4 'playground'.

Be there for the hottest 4X4 action.


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That was a grand event organized by the Negombo 4X4 club. Partaking of competitors and the number of spectators turned up for this annual affair was tremendously notable. Very unfortunately the weather gods were not in good turn this time. Dreadful downpour prematurely ended the days schedule but not before the crowd was entertained by the 4x4 guys..

That was a very tricky and a tough track.Almost every competitor stumbled upon difficulties. Many decided not to run including the winner of the last year’s event .Osanda and Sanjaya drove really professionally.




Special note is necessary of the non-participating fools who jumbled after the event. The following picture is of one guy who fell into an abandoned well when he was off roading on the “Pradesheeya Sabha” waste dump. The dumbest of the day who drove a black SWB Nissan Patrol got hammered by uniformed and non uniformed armed service personnel who were in a black Bolero and a Mini Minor in front of CWE Welisara after driving recklessly on the road and colliding with many vehicles. He deserved that.


More info and pictures will follow.Sorry about the poor quality pics as those were taken from my mobile.


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Nice pics mate. My boss also took part and had won the only race he ran. It should have been a good event if not for the weather.

Any news on whether they are going to finish off the rest of it?? As far as I know only 5 races took place, am I correct??

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Hey Miniace, whilst thanking you for all the pics. Any hope of seeing more pics?? No mention by 4x4 club website as to the outcome of the event or whether they will hold it again to complete the event.

I thought our friend Anuruddha will post some and was waiting for pics as I missed out.

Admins, any chance of updating these pics into the AL Gallery.

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