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[pc] Ferrari Virtual Academy


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Play and win

Ferrari Virtual Academy offers you an exclusive opportunity: using your PC you can have fun and practice driving the F10, comparing for the first time your performance with the fastest laps driven by numerous Ferrari fans from all over the world and the Scuderia Ferrari drivers with the same simulators. Learn about Felipe Massa's, Fernando Alonso's and Giancarlo Fisichella's secrets regarding racing line and driving techniques! But there is more: participating in the tournament you will become part of a worldwide competition, where every week the fastest drivers will be awarded official Ferrari products.

If, at the end of the Trofeo, you are part of the five fastest drivers, you will win a trip into the heart of Ferrari: to Maranello. You will walk through the gates in Fiorano and participate in the exclusive Ferrari Driver Academy course, personally headed by exceptional tutors from the Scuderia.

How it works

When you are using the simulator in the "hot lap" mode your position in the classification and your gap to the fastest lap time is shown in real-time. Thus you can verify if your performance is close to the leaders. You can drive the Ferrari F10 using the same set ups created by the race engineers and used by the Scuderia drivers to reach the reference lap times included in the simulator. Thanks to a spectacular cinematic replay function you can then watch your best performances and the laps driven by Massa, Alonso and Fisichella. After every lap you will be informed about your position in the overall standings and when you manage to get the F10 to its limit you will see that even a tenth of a second will move you up in the standings by several positions.

As announced earlier, the Virtual Academy 2010 simulator will be available starting September 9th, the first version will include the Ferrari F10 Formula One car as well as the Fiorano circuit and will sell for 15€. Info on when the the other two tracks will be released is not yet available, neither are the system specs required to run the title.

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Its probably related/based on the netKar Pro : http://www.netkar-pro.com/

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