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Toyota Cosa Pickup



:jumping-smiley-013: Helow mr expert

my car is toyota corsa auto gear one.its millage is 120554.car is in mint condition.but i feel my car does not pickup quickly compare to the other auto gear car.very recently i put it into the gurage for the engine tune.and i did the full injector cleaning also.throtle body also cleaned.but i feel it still in same as previous.petrol consumption also 8 to 9 km in colombo.but outstation is gud.what shoud i do or is it default ,hope ur reply soon

Tanks :huh:

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Hello there!

Welcome to AutoLanka. The premium auto forum in Sri Lanka.

By the look of it, it seems your car is suffering from cardio-thoracic hypoglycemic dysentery. This is not going to be easy to fix as there is a risk it's going to get worse with time... :) How old is she? Somewhere around 1993 I guess... Since it's just a 1.3L, you cant expect fabulous pulling. But you can expect good fuel figures. Much better than 8-9kmpl. But that too depends on how you drive her. I assume the engine is in good condition and not burning oil or throwing out bluish fumes. How are your plugs? Did you check them? Wasted plugs could be a reason for this.

I'm sure the other doctors would love to share their twopence on this matter... So just hang around and see what they have to say. :)

Have a nice day mate!

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Did you experience better pulling power from this car before? or are you comparing it with other if you have bought it recently?

Anyway these are few reasons you could experience loss of power

1.Could be a blocked catalytic converter

2.Faulty Torque Converter

3. Faulty TPS can lead to wrong gear selections since it is automatic.

4.Do you feel funny gear changes or gear slipping while you drive/Accelerate? Then it can be worn friction plates / worn seals / worn pistons (inside tranny ) etc . That means it needs a gearbox overhaul .

Since You said you have done a engine clean up, I'm not going to mention plugs /air filter etc

That's few reasons I can think of ,Others can chip in if there is any

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