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Project R - May 2nd 2013




more work, ah the joy! got down and dirty today as well. connected the wire harness, which took most of the morning, and then plugged in the radiator hoses.


then proceeded to thermal wrap the exhaust. and had to fabricate a new mount, since the prop shaft got in the way. another hurdle of a manual convo...


and then in it went:


what an utterly rewarding day! exhausted, but so so content... :)


the header gave quite a fight yesterday. all the mounts were different because of the auto box, so had to cut and weld everything back into place. half a day was lost on that process.

so today the power steering pump and ac compressor went back on. along with the hydraulics and ac hoses


which means the engine is almost nearly finished. only the distributor and intake isleft to be installed.

broke open the dizzie to clean up. and have to read up on how to mount and wire the msd ignition kit.

that's for tomorrow. also, we thought of getting her off her perch and onto the rubber. so we're fixing the lowering springs now, and putting the driveshafts into place. sadly couldn't stay long with her today. had to pick wifey up from work at 2pm.


those struts just made my heart stop. :speechless-smiley-004:


going into the 7th month now. today the mechanic has suddenly gone home. supposed to come back tomorrow...

at least she's off her perch, and back on her feet again.




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