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Project R - May 9th 2013




so kelum is back after being AWOL for 3 days. i was a bit upset, but then seeing this when i went today, couldn't voice a word of protest!


there goes the simota intake and piping. more on kelum, apparently his sister was a navy officer shot in trinco camp due to some mishap. its been an year so the daane bana etc. i heard about this from my friends at trinco hospital. she succumbed to her injuries there. small worls, sri lanka definitely is.

also mounted the engine mounts under the car, those were broken, so replaced.

the new radiator doesn't have screws for the auxiliary fan. need to fabricate those and stick it in


there it is! only the dizzie left to be mounted. the clutch reservoir has its own screws also. its like EVERYTHING in this car was made for a manual gearbox. uncanny!


more happening tomorrow. we'll be fabricating a bracket for the intake piping as well. ignition is not so far away now!


drawing that much nearer to completion. fixed the coil in place neatly with a bracket:


also bolted the intake pipe onto the engine. that mount took a better part of the day to fabricate. frustrating, yes, but i'd rather all this be done neatly, and with attention to detail. and this is one example of kelum's devotion to that very quality:


and then all the little hoses and vacuum lines were connected.

and that, gentlemen, is it! tomorrow we wire up the distributor, connect the accelerator cable, fill up the oils and water, fire her up and see what gives! after so long, the wait is over. clearly, i'm losing sleep over it! hooray!!

photo 2 (28).JPG

photo 1 (22).JPG



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