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Project R - May 15th 2013




i really dunno where to start. to hear that engine kick up today... probably the happiest thing i'll hear next to the cries of my unborn son/daughter. and it idles PERFECT. there's no "gentle lope" or "rough idle" that so many people spoke about with the BC cams, saying that i won't be able to move the car a foot without an aftermarket ecu. you can see for yourself:


also, here's the finished engine bay, with the dizzie mounted, plug wires installed and wire cover in place.


also, pug306, you asked what the gauge was. its a fuel pressure gauge, here's a closeup. it does a little jig on ignition, which is hella cool, i'll try and record that soon.


now, onwards to finish the paint. and then the interior!


thanks guys! it is such a pleasure to see it all come into place. and cyclist, yes i did wonder that myself! but here are a list of things that need to go in there:

1. wiper washer fluid reservoir

2. type R aluminium strut tower bar

3. ultra racing 3 point tower strut

4. the battery

5. the grouding wire kit with the engine bay mounted voltmeter

6. the 4 ballasts for the two pairs of HID's.

so all that should hopefully fill the gaps. i remember the first painter saying that the engine was a "saagarayak". somehow saagare hindila wagey tikak, no?

but trust me man, at this moment in time i am simply overjoyed and beside myself. look how well she idles. and the noise... oh the noise! you guys should hear it in person. the hint of bass the whine of the intake. its pure automotive auditory orgasm! with the APEXi exhaust note it should be even sweeter...




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