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Project Moggie - Body & Electrical work



Bodywork started after disassembling almost all parts. Remain only the outer shell of the car with wiring harness which can not pullout easily. Gauge 14 & 18 zinc coated metal sheets used for most places.


Firstly cut the right side of the chassis and welded new bar.


Then the left side and floor board plates one by one. All door bottoms, front and back wings repaired. Mean time door hinge pins refilled at a lathe workshop.  Finally attached all doors and wings again to check the aligning.


Carbide 9kg and a oxygen cylinder consumed for this works.

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Mr. Kusumsiri,

Thank you for your invitation I will visit as early as possible. I will not spend much time with you as I want to visit Sevanagala  sugar factory to recollect my memories. I  did most of factory rectification on their Electrical wiring system. Due to our contractor very old  company, who undertook to do entire job did not complete same satisfactory. Indian principal contractor  Cromton Greeves wanted me to complete mill house final sugar manufacturing section and Distillery.


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