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Toyota 100, 110 And 111


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Is there a significant performance/fuel burn difference between these versions ? I read the past threads about them, but could not find about the differences between these models apart from the different YoMs. Is a Sprinter 110 likely to have a lower resale value over the Corolla 110? Are there any significant fuel burn differences between the different trims as well ?

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Q1: no nothing is "significantly" different in terms of performance and fuel efficincy coz as far as I can remeber they both had the same 1.5 liter 5A engine

Q2: yes the sprinter will have a lower resale value than the corolla

hope dat solves ur query...happy motoring :)

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i doubt the corolla bubble will burst any time soon mate!

also...sprinters having a low resale value is due to our moronic car buying market.

sprinter actually is a higher grade than the usual corollas with bit more bells and whistles.

only hitch is that sprinter spares tend to be a bit more scarce than for corollas.

I owned an se100 sprinter sometime back. certain bits were lil harder to find.

but comparing with my presetn Ford, it was still a helluva lot easier :)

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