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Applying For A Permit



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your father should work abroad over 3 years to Import a 10years old vehicle (From the first registered day) or 1year to import a 5 years old vehicle. Where ever the country your dada works you can import a vehicle from Japan or any other country. The documents that you need are certified copies of the passport by the sri lankan embassy in his country about 6 pay sheets and transfer sheets or something like that when he receives from there when he sends foreign currency,a letter with tp number and email or address from his company confirming his salary with the sri lankan embassy seal and also the person in your family that dada sends money's birth certificate or marriage certificate and id , bank statement saying that the your dada has sent foreign currency over 20000US$ over 3 or 1 years and another letter from the bank saying that you have over 10Laks in your bank to pay government taxes, a letter from a justice of peace confirming the relationship. Then you need auction papers of the vehicle that you are going to buy from and also two pictures of it you better talk to your vehicle importer regarding that because you really don't want the real pics first. once you have all these documents you can make a permit and when you have the permit in hand you can buy the vehicle from japan and then before shipping it you have to change the permit according to the real auction papers. First of all go to Imports and exports department and ask more details. Their web site is http://www.imexport.gov.lk/ Import taxes are calculated like this. CIF value*depreciated value of your vehicle*129% (for a gasoline car with a 1500cc engine) and the depreciated value is like if the vehicle is 5 years or older than that 30% 4.5 years 35% 4years 40% 3.5years 45% i guess :) Hope it helps. According to what I've heard this has been temporarily stopped but it will be started soon from next month.

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My Friends,

I have been working for last 25 yrs in the Gulf.

We have been promised by successive govs in the past that will issue vehicle permits who have contributed

much foreign exchange into the country.

Recently present govt. started accepting application and all of a sudden stopped it.

I spent more than 4 days preparing my documentation and finally Import & export Dept

stopped acccepting the applications.

Is the govt fooling us


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Mmmmmm........interesting..........so - as I understand it - to get one of the Permits you send a group of people you don't really know, working in a Department you don't really know either, things like:

  • your passport details
  • details about your job
  • your payslips
  • your Tax Payer number
  • personal banking details
  • bank statements
  • bank balance details confirmed by the bank
  • family birth and marriage cerificate details

......blimey, it ain't saving a few bucks on tax on a car import or whether or not the odometer has been wound back that I'd be worrying about at night!

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