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Diy Power Steering Fluid Flush


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Today is a boring rainy day so I decided to write some DIYs up for you guys!

Power steering fluid is one of the most overlooked maintenance items in a car. Regularly flushing out the power steering fluid ensures longevity of your steering system and cost savings on repair (I flush it every year). i am a car enthusiast and I enjoy every second I spend with my car.

Things you need: 3 liters of Manufacturer recommended power steering fluid, buddy to help you, Clear hoses that fits over your PS return hose, few hose clamps, funnel, pliers, and patience.

  • Locate your power steering reservoir
  • By using a syringe or a turkey baster empty the reservoir
  • There are two hoses goes to the power steering fluid reservoir
    • -Pressure line: one with the larger diameter hose that connects to the bottom of the reservoir
    • -Return line: hose with the smaller diameter that connects to the reservoir above the pressure line

    [*]Remove the return line hose from the reservoir

    [*]Attach a clear hose that fill fit over the return line and redirect the return line in to a container

    [*]Block the return line inlet on the reservoir so it won’t leak out PS fluid when you pour in new

    [*]Pour new PS fluid to the reservoir till it’s all the way full

    [*]Ask your buddy to start the car and be ready with your funnel to pour in fluid to the reservoir

    [*]As soon as you start the car you will see fluid pumping out to the container

    [*]You have to keep pouring new PS fluid in at the same rate its pumping out without letting it run dry.

    [*]if you can’t keep up with the pace ask you buddy to shut off the engine till you fill the reservoir up..

    [*]When you see clean fluid pumping out from the clear hose you have done your job.

    [*]Reconnect everything the way it was

    [*]Fill the reservoir to the correct level, run the engine, turn your steering will side to side until bleeds its self-up and recheck the level.

I will get some pics when I do my PS flush next week.

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