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Toyota Altezza Rs 200 Fuel Consumption


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Hay Ladz, anyone know the average fuel consumption of an Alteeza RS200? Mine I get around 240 KM on 60L full tank. I know Teeza's are bit thirsty ladies but im wondering if my lady is a bit too thirsty.

that works out to 4 a litre, which is perhaps a bit on the overtly thirsty side for an Altezza. No first hand experience, but hearsay suggests that you should be getting 6-8 if you drive relatively gently. But, then that's not how you're supposed to drive an RS200 is it?

If you drive hard all the time, that may explain the consumption of course but for what it's worth you might want to get it checked out. Are your injectors in good order?

P.S. What are "Hay Ladz"? :huh:

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Hay man,

Yeah I guess I need to tune my right foot!!! :speechless-smiley-004: guess I was just stepping on the throttle a bit too hard......cant blame me cos it's a lot of power under that hood.

I tried driving average 50 to 60 KM/H on full tank (pumped 47L) and managed to take 370 KM out of it (refueled actually before the fuel low indicator lit so would ve had another least 15 L remaining I guess (could ve been even less)).....but believe me it was not that easy to control the temptation to flow especially in a straight open road like the Parliament stretch.

I had got my plugs, injectors, throttle body, air filter, Airflow sensor cleaned up as well.......

By the way, other than Toyota, where can I get the service done? any idea? Would prefer Toyota but guaranteed to get ripped off!!

"Ladz" = Lads :-)

Laterz mate..........

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