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How Good Is Magcity Full Detailing?


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Last week when I was about to leave from a parking lot one of Magcity guy came and offered some coupons for Rs. 1000 where you will get price reductions for Wash and wax, Interior exterior detailing and servicing. Since I felt sorry for the guy and the offer seemed to be reasonable, I bought one without giving second thought.

I was planing for a Full detail next week and was hoping to use the coupons when one of my friends told that their detailing is not good compared to other places.

Appreciate your experience with them in interior/exterior detailing.

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Since you have bought the 'Coupon' , you are rather commited. Knowing good or bad wont do any good at this hour IMO. Best is you telling us how good or Bad it was. We discussed about Magcity a lot. Good luck and hoping to hear from you soon.


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Dear Hon. Peri,

I have noticed that some members are doing marketing for certain institutions and promoting thier friend's businesses on the forum. Maybe he gets commission for people he directs to the said shop. Maybe he is hoping to make lots of irrelevant posts and get a high post count so that he can get paid by autolanka for his posts.

Please advise such members to act like gentleman, and not like 3rd class brokers.

The OP asked about one shop and the broker is trying to take this person to his place even though the OP has clearly said that he already bought a coupon to one place. Very 3rd class! very very 3rd class!

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When i went to collect the car after the repair there was a lot of white residue all over the paint and also on the black color plastic parts and the wipers. They said it was compound used to give a cut polish. I told them to clean it up. Then when i opened the dicky it was all wet. I told them i want it dried. And also when i opend the dicky it was clearly visible from the inside that a repaint job has been done (may be they didnt paint the whole panal in order to save on costs). They said nothing more can be done and after a while when the paint is exposed to the environment the difference will not be visible. Once i took out the vehicle water started dripping in to the dicky when it rained. I returned the vehicle and the excuse they gave was there would have been another accident earlier and that is causing the leak.

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i noticed recently that the idiots in mag city ( actually it is a shit city ) doing lot of promotions cz now the world is aware of their 3rd class business. I was amazed to see a leaflet of their promotions pasted in the notice board of colombo medical faculty even. Since you have bought the thing now go and get whatever they offer u. But keep ya eye on it. I personally and lot of my friends have very nasty experience on their work. This doesn't mean other places are good. but this place is the worst of all. may god bless ur car .

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Accident or whatever the car issue I'll go to my trusted mechanic. if he can't do it he will direct me to a suitable place. I know he will never direct me to a place like Mag city. Why would we go to a big commercial enterprise where we don't have any connections? Their prices are top class but they don't respect customer rights.

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Mag City at the start was very good they worked till late night.

This Mag City was started first in Kandy to my knowledge with Ex Clean park foreman. only Auto detailing. His services first was discontinued by Ms, Indra trades Colombo for a Fxxxd. Very efficient worker with good family back ground. He is no more there now working for a leading Leasing company as a foremen.

later in Colombo was also another who was trained in India by clean park who was responsible by setting up in Colombo body shop and painting work.They had another Engineer who was discontinued from M/s, Indra trades his services due to his inefficiency in management of workers and correct Diagnostics of automobile faults, although he was qualified on paper qualifications.

When above said person body shop in-charge he too left because late payment of his salary.When he was there I have visited number of times with my friends for their automobile repairs at the start management was very good pay masters to their workers later they did not get enough profits what they expected.

I think they have technical personal like rolling stones.

Partially qualified inexperienced young Mechanics was recruited by them to get more profits. There location is very good have good tools and equipment to handle new automobiles.

I am not condemning the Mag city name they will have to have efficient workers, who are capable of correct diagnostic of a fault who will do a dedicated part of work what is entrusted to them personally, with proper supervisory management.

All staff should be paid good salaries at the correct time.

I don't advertise any automobile service establishments nor promote business for them, I am not a broker living on commission not interested in increasing my post count to be paid I have told early I am not interested in money.

I only contribute my knowledge in automobiles to the Auto Lanka forum.

Above is my opinion.

Sylvi Wijesinghe.

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It is unfortunate that Mag City has not improved their service in the 7 years since I had a bad experience with them. What makes my situation worse is one of the supervisors there at the time was a very good friend of mine but unfortunately even with him watching over my job, the lack of skill amongst their workmen was very very obvious. Needless to say I have not gone there since.

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Looking at all negative comments, better I cash the two wash and vacuum coupons which are free. At least it will save my 1000 bucks.

Hey Ransam, Most of the comments seem to be about their repair work and painting and Sylvi said something about their pay (thanks dude!). Not sure how all this reflects on their ability to wash a car and vacuum it. Maybe let them do it and watch them like a hawk. If they bring out steel wool to dry the paint, flee.

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