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Driving License Conversion


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Hey guys,

I am a license holder of a driving license of Bangladesh, i am a sri lankan

citizen and i visit sri lanka ever 6 months for a maximum of 1 month. hence

i havent been able to go through the practical examination conducted

at werehera.

Having identified this issue, i did the practical examination here and i got my

driving license. my question is. am i able to convert this license into a sri lankan


any help regarding this issue is much appreciated

thanks in advance

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Got this from the website of "automobile association of ceylon"

Hope this helps...

"Foreign driving licence holders who wish to convert their licence to a Sri Lankan driving licence are advised to first contact the Deputy Commissioner of Motor Traffic, Dept. of Motor Traffic, Werahera Branch, Boralesgamuwa, Sri Lanka. Phone: 2545891. "

One more thought...

I guess if you get your international D/L from "Bangladesh" you should be able to drive here in SL.

(not sure though, you might need to dbouble check with the authorities/embassy there)

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It is possible to convert a foreign driving license to a Sri Lankan license. You can use the one day service.

Some information is available on this thread: http://www.autolanka...riving-license/

The www.motortraffic.gov.lk site also has some information: http://www.motortraf...mid=146〈=en

I recently converted my US license to a Sri Lankan license.

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  • 11 months later...

Hey guys, got two questions:

1: Does anyone have any experience riding a motorcycle in Sri Lanka on a non-Sri Lankan motorcycle license? (edit: particularly a sri lankan with a non sri lankan license)

2: Anyone have an idea where I might be able to find a 200-250cc scrambler for about 2 weeks in late december? :)

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