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Tyres - Maxxis


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I replaced all 4 tyres with Maxxis. I have drove abt 2000km and seems eqallly good as my previous bridgestone. Anyone having a better experience with Maxxis tyres??

I personally know a person who does this tyre business and told me that Maxxis is the tyre for which thy get least no of complaints.

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Good to hear so many positives comments on Maxxis, since I am planning for a change myself.

Virtu : Whats the size & how much did you pay for them and where ? The best deal I got for 235x70R16 (H/T) was Rs 18,500/= , think this is after a 25% discount off list price.

Ripper : I too had a concern on the letters, but this can be put to the inside since there is no inside/outside issue also there is no specific rotation for these tyres. Scraping it off will make it look ugly also will it affect the wheel balancing ?

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I bought a set of Maxxis for the front of my car, they didn't have the white lettering you guys refer to, or maybe the tire guys put them on the inside (I was chatting with the owner while the golayas were at work). However, I do like what the tires offer, road noise had reduced when going at speed, which was a major issue with the Dunlops the car was wearing previously. I've driven roughly 3000kms on mine now, and have no qualms.

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Thanks to SLA I was able to find a very good deal on a set of 4 Maxxis tyres ( H/T 235x70R16 )

Although I had to travel to Wadduwa to get them it was still worth as they gave me a very good discount. Almost all places in Colombo quoted about Rs 1,500/= higher than this place. Since I cannot openly mention the place as it would amount to advertising if anyone is interested let me know and I would be happy to give the details.

The tyre looks good but too early for a proper review as I just got them fixed last week...

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