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Ist 2002/2003 Medel-How Best This Vehicle &performane



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What he means is it needs more space to turn the vehicle.... a more detailed explantion is given below.

My next door guy recently bought one for his wife.. wife seems to be quite happy with it. Its the new model not the 2002/3, this has some issue concerning spare part availability


Turning radius

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


A turn with the
turning radius

The turning radius or turning circle of a vehicle is the size of the smallest circular turn (i.e. U-turn) that the vehicle is capable of making. The term turning radius is actually a misnomer, since the size of a circle is actually its diameter, not its radius. The less ambiguous term turning circle is preferred. As an example, Motor Trend refers to a curb-to-curb turning circle of a 2008 Cadillac CTS as 35.5 feet. By contrast, theAutoChannel.com refers to turning radius of the same car as 35.5 feet. It is often used as ageneralized term rather than a numerical figure. For example, a vehicle with a very small turning radius may be described as having a "tight turning radius".

Two different measurements can be quoted for a vehicle. A curb or curb-to-curb turning circle will show the distance traveled by the wheels. The wall or wall-to-wall turning circle will include an allowance for the width of the whole car, including the overhang of the bodywork. For example, a van may have been quoted as having a turning circle (in meters) of 12.1©/12.4(W).

It may be easier to imagine that on a road with low curbs, you don't need to consider anything other than the tires (12.1 meters), that is the curb turning radius, but if you were moving the vehicle inside a building, the corners of the vehicle might hit the walls so you need to consider the wall-to-wall turning radius (12.4 metres).

A notable exception in this description is of vehicles that are capable of spinning around their central axis, such as a tank or certain lawnmowers and wheelchairs as they do not follow a circular path as they turn. In this case the vehicle is referred to as a "zero turning radius" vehicle, although whether or not the turning radius is actually nonexistent is unclear.

Some camera dollies used in the film industry have a "round" mode which allows them to spin around their z axis by allowing synchronized inverse rotation of their front and rear wheel sets, effectively giving them "zero" turning radius.

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Osada 19

i want a vehicle for family use,what is the vehicle you recommend for above budget?


How many in your family, according to you you can go for 2.5M.

Think for a new car instead of old used one with reduced odometers.

There are enough new cars for your 2.5 M range for trouble free use.

Sylvi Wijesinghe.

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I would humbly disagree with Mr. Wijesinghe. I think a Japanese car in that price range would give you a better ride and trouble free running for as long as a a brand new vehicle (of that price range) would.

Mr. Wijesinghe, can you please advise me and the OP on what brand new 4 door family sedans can be bought for 2.5million, that are not chinese or indian? I have been out of touch with current brand new car prices so your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, few of my friends has IST

One guy bought it because he has two small kids and he can keep lot of kids needs in the boot.....and the boot is accessible from the cabin. Suits his purpose. The IST 2002/2003 carry a 1.3L VVTi engine. It does around 10+ kmp/l in city with moderate aggression.

For that budget, if your concern is fuel economy the best vehicle will be Vios. 11kmp/l is realistic in 100% city driving. Once you buy the one, probably you may need to tune the engine (in case the previous owner has screwed it).

Few more things the IST has Fabric seats, feels good but kids may soil it easily.

Vios has leather seats, very hot in SUN, if you do not treat them with leather conditioner the seats may look dull. But a spilled ice cream or a chocolate can be easily removed.

Once I did maintain leather seats for 3+ years (every weak applying the conditioner), when I returned the car, the seats had no cracks and frankly the interior was adorable. There were many buyers jumping around to grab the vehicle just because of the nice leather interior (the engine was also maintained with maximum care)............

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