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Best Option For 9 Lacs


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Hi Experts,

I sold may Grand Civic recently and need to buy a car with below options.

  • Better fuel comsumption and economical in maintenance.
  • Should be able to sale easily......since my plan is to use it for one year and go to a better one.
  • Year of manufacture : 1994 or later
  • Better if it has Power Shutters and Power Mirros (But not must)
  • Doesn't matter whether it is a sedan or a hatch-back

Could you please advice me for a better option?

My budget is around 9 lacs

Thanks in advance........

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i assume you are looking for a japanese one. If you are ok with korean/malaysia stuff you could buy a yom 2000 wira for abt 10 and if you bargain hard for your budget as well. If you are going for jap cars, i guess you can find a 1994 ish corolla hatch or a mazda 323/familia sixth generation. If you are looking for a "well known" model like sunny or corolla you can get a much older model for that price.

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For 9, can go for a full option Doctor sunny.but will be bit difficult for you to find.or try a Mazda 323.or if you can increase your budget bit more can go for a At170 corona.

since the OP indicated his preference is for somtehing made after 1994 i don't think the at 170 is an option.

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Dude, if want a Jap you will have to either increase your budget to 11-12 lacks or go down on the age 1988

Maruti 800 is a lousy car but i dont think anyone has lost money on them, for your budget you will have economical reliable A-B motering

This will be better option as you are planning to sell in one year. l

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Hi All,

Thanks a lot for all of your valuable replies. I think Mazda 323, Corolla Hatch, Tercel are in possible list. How abot Sonata? Have heard its soo greedy for fuel......can someone advice me on that please. Would it be a better option?

I saw an advertisement for Maruti Esteem..........but think it would not be easy to sell.....same for Proton WAJA even though its a good car. I dnt know much about Lancer CB3a.......but I saw some advertisements.

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Thanks all of you for your ideas. I have shortlisted some models and will have to search a car now!!!. Think Mazda 323 is the best option because of I can try for a full option one......even thought Toyota Tercel is also there...think it would be a basic car. Will have a look about Lancer CB series cars too.

Could not possible to have a reliable idea about Sonata. I will start a seperate post on it.


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