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Converting A Year 2000 4Wd Santa Fee Into Diesel

Jith P

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Friends please let me know if any of you have converted a year 2000 4WD Santa fee to a diesel. I need to know the type of the engine to be used and a place to get this done.




My advice to you is not to convert the vehicle to Diesel. As this give you good performance with original petrol engine.

Even if you have a some other diesel turbo engine on it you will face lot of problems.If you are mechanicaly qualified and do repairs by your self it is OK.

It is better to have chat with the agents engineer and import a used engine from Australia or Any country which will exactly fit into your vehicle Similar model with least modifications to be fitted.

Most of our diesel conversions are done by not competent mechanics in srilanka. Do not fix some other engine in Srilanka

I did few years ago fitting diesel engines to cars and jeeps but they never gave the same performance like a petrol engines.

Those days vehicles did not have Electronics incorporated to vehicles. They were simple mechanical and electric models alternator with a battery.

Today most of the vehicles have electronic controls incorporated for better performance and easy driving to the driver.

Today any motorist will want speed good road holding fuel efficiency trouble free running.

By fitting a diesel engine your running cost will come down. Maintenance bill will be high.

If you want to go for a Diesel exchange your vehicle to a original diesel.

Above is my experience and opinion some others will not agree to mine.

Sylvi Wijesinghe.

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its next to impossible if you havent got an original santafe diesel drivetrain (engine gearbox axles, not to mention the electronics).

Otherwise your best bet is bringing down the drivetrain components of a diesel carina 216 (4wd) and shoehorning all that into your car. but this is a very crude operation because the position of the engine inside the engine bay and the rear diff (both have independent rear suspension afaik) is more like guesswork and you'll just have to cut the driveshafts and half axles and weld them together.

The 3rd option is losing 4wd and just going with a front drive carina set up.

anyway I wouldn't advise anything other than an original conversion cos you'll lose smoothness, resale value and a lot more everytime something goes wrong.

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You might be able to source the parts from UK, original engine for your vehicle was a 2.0L 115bhp

Check on the cost, there will be a substantial duty on the engine and the RMV charges.

It might not be worth the conversion.

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Thanks Sylvi, Jadey and Kush for your valulble advice. I understand there is a risk elements attached to this , However I will check the possiblity of bringing down the Original engine failing which I would'nt mind settlling down for a carinia engin without 4WD option as i am not planning to use this for off road.

Cost wise i dont think there will be a major difference between Original engine and the Carina engine.

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But keep in mind if you go ahead with a non original conversion like with a carina engine your vehicle will probably lose around half million in value, if it could be sold at all.

JadeyBlitzen, I am curious as to where you got the information about a Carina powerplant and drive train being transplanted into a SantaFe. Is this a common conversion?

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JadeyBlitzen, I am curious as to where you got the information about a Carina powerplant and drive train being transplanted into a SantaFe. Is this a common conversion?

well most of the converted koreans carry this engine. because its compact, sits transversely, reliable, don't have tricky electrics and quite abundant. I've seen lots of sonatas and trajets with this engine. I'm positive the santafe can handle it. pretty crude conversion though.

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