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'99 Ferio Mi Lev D15B - Odb1/odbii ?


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Hey guys,

i now this is bit lazy question. with out removing the ECU, i was wondering if 1999 Civic Ferio Mi LEV is ODB1 or OBDII as far as i know, the connector it has is NOT OBD type connector.

anyway one with experience can enlightenme ?

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If you tried google-ing "OBD2 connector" you would see in a few seconds that its not..... OBD 16 pins; your photo 20 pins

yeah i know... thats why im wondering what this is... shanX told me the car i mention is OBD2, but the connector is not. so im wondering what the connector is.

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I don't know whether you could tell a car's OBD type by looking at a random connector. Remove the ECU and check, if you really want to :)

lolz :D i know what you mean, will check the ECU, not that hard to do. but actually what i want to do was use a standard OBD2 diagnostic tool to run some gauges, that's why i was looking for the OBD2 port.

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