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Ignition Coil Replacement - Assistance Needed


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Hi Friends,

I have an Indian Ambassador Petrol - MPFI injection - 2003 model. There was an throttle body spring issue and rpm not increasing when AC on. After writing a topic about that issue, I got many advises from you all guys and brought the car to an expert M#r#o. He looked at the car and told there was a tuning issue and after around a weeks time he did the job with a fancy charge of 11k (May be thinking it as Montero or Prado.....) and told now every thing seems Ok. Next day morning car did not start at all and misfiring a lot and AC clutch was clicking on and off. So went to him and told the issue. He sent a person and they increased the idle rpm to AC click on level. Anyway the original throttle spring stcking issue and AC idle up issue did not get solved. So I brought the car back to him. He put another small spring to the trottle body with the primary one and gave the car back. After that the spring sticking issue partially disappeared but with sticking some times when the temp goes up.

We ran about 900km. One day the car did not start at all. So I thought, it was something with tuning. So I went and talk with him. He sent a person. Since they could not start the car at all, they towed to their garage. After analysing he now tells, the ignition coil and spark plug wire set needs to be changed to start the car.

This is the coil.

Ignition Coil - 0221503407(Three Pins Model)

I searched all over Sri Lanka. It seems it will cost around 18K. As I searched some Internet found it is used by some Korean cars as well. Is there any good place I can find a recondition or used one around 6k. Because I feel my car is not that worth to spend !!!!

I have attached the picture for your reference.




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This is a distributorless ignition system on your Ambassordor, yes? I think Kia used/use the same one you need. You should be able to pull one off the interner for $50. I've got a feeling that the LR Discovery and maybe even some Hondas also used a similar pack. It dosen't matter too much what shape the new unit is provided its got a three pin firing circuit input. Also these type of coils come in 12v and 16v versions, so take care you've got the right voltage.

But before you start lashing out $$$ on a replacement coil I'd want to be completely sure that the mechanic had eliminated the cranshaft position sensor circuit as causing the problem. Chasing a fault by replacing parts is not the cheap way to go! Good luck.

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Thanks for the reply.... :speechless-smiley-006:

Is "Interner" is a shop in Panchikawatte?

Will alternator failure will cause the ignition coil to go bad? Because before couple of days of the issue happened, alternator did not charge and battery went dead.

When I charged the battery and put, car did not start.



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