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Planning To Buy A 2002 Hyundai Accent


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Hi Everyone,

As every middle class man's dream in Sri Lanka, I am also hoping to get my first car soon.

I have a budget of 1.4M and I think I can go for a decent 2002 Accent GLS.

I heard some rumors about safety, fuel consumption, lack of spare parts etc.. as cons, but some of my collegues did recommend me the vehicle with two thumbs up.

Anyway, I am here to clear some of my doubts beforehand I do the purchase.

First of all, I had a few looks of the car and I am happy about it compared to its cost. Also, I noticed that for a car of that age, would have exceeded 100k on Odo. Will I be looking on some paperwork on engine repairs which has being done when the engine hits 100k by the time I purchase?

And most importantly, how is the fuel efficiency of this car. I would settle for 10/11kmpl and will be amazed to see 14/15kmpl. (in an automatic transmission vehicle obviously.)

And please shed some light on the grey areas that I have to pay more attention. Since I am preparing for my first vehicle, I hope there must be thousands of things that I need to keep my eye on. Expecting your kind ideas friends.


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The Hyundai Accent is not a bad car,

  • Safety - well it doesnt come with air bags, ESP and stuff.. so just drive safe
  • Fuel Consumption - it will do nearly 12kmpl with careful driving on an Auto
  • Spare parts - they are freely available at agents and at other places in delkanda and panchikawatta (Eg - Ajantha Motors)

Yeap it would have pass the 100k mark. and make sure the owner has the service records and everything..

  • grey areas - as with most of korean cars, its better to check the Timing Belt or confirm with current owner weather the timing belt is changed.. if its not, its advisable to get it check

and a bit of a personal advice, its better to take a mechanic when you inspect the car. and kindly do a search on the auto lanka to get more details.

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Pls read some of these old posts about Accent. They my help you.

I personally disagree with rangerover regarding EK3 being a better option. Both models do have their own pluses and minuses so it's not a worthwhile discussion. At the end, you are the one who needs to make your decisions.

However, I agree that 1.4 million for an Accent is too high. For a K-number Auto tranny car, 1.25 would be a fair price.

Also go through the thread in AL on how to buy a used car.

Don't rely too much on mechanics (unless he's a true friend). Get help from a friend who knows cars well.

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This is excellent stuff guys!! Found few cars and had some looks. I might be able to settle for a one for 1.2M.

Will keep your expert advises on my mind and thank you very much for the informative advices!!!!

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