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Careful With Date Of Manufacturing For Tyres


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Hi Folks,

I did want to change the Tyres and out of the lot decided on Bridgestone Turanza AR10.

Went to the agent's web site, pretty neat and informational, specially on the dealers. Found that a reputed and known Dealer nearby has the AR10s. Ran a call to the local dealer, and he has the stuff. And I know the guy personally and not a cheat by any means, genuine and reputed. Also the guy is techi and know that I am on to the details as well.

Went there happily and was waiting for the tyres to be fixed, while having a chat with the owner the tech guy. Just to be on safe side and I did check the date of manufacturing for the four tyres..........

Two in 2012 and two in 2009.............. I told the owner and he himself checked and apologized. He straight ran a call to the agents and blasted them for the two old ones and insisted immediate replacements. He kept on apologizing to myself, but he did not have to because I know very surely he is genuine. When unloading the lot knowingly or not,,,,,,,, two 2009s has crept in.

I am not saying the agents did this willfully or they are cheats, but better to be safe and know the game. I hope everyone in AL or at least majority know how to check the date of manufacturing. If not please search or do a Google...........

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2009 isn't very old for a tire. I would be a little more concerned if it was over 5 years old. Just saying...

True, but the prob is, you'll be fixing a tyre that's been on the shelf for three years, and you expect it to be used for a few more, by which time 4-5yr life period would have exceeded.

Rubber tend to deteriorate even if it's on shelf and the best is to ensure you get the newest possible set available.

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