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Toyota Corolla 121 Seats


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I want to retain the original look with out losing it hence the need to replace it.

And as there are a lot of people trowing away even a door when they see a dent, using this kind of vehicles,

it won't be hard to find a great looking reconditioned set of seats for you'r car,

if you go to some cusion works or places where they sell used body parts (eg- e*r*n*ppon).

But the jap. who used it might have had fecal incompitance, or by other means pooed on the seat and after some cleaning it may look better than you'r care fully looked after seats with some patches of grease or something.

Go to a place where they do interior detailing (like Kl**n P*rk), or do an interior cleaning at you'r local service station. this will clean not only you'r seat but the whole interior. For a lower price.

If the seats are still dirty put a set of seat covers,

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Thanks for the advice Clark's son. Will try and see how it goes. Tried many shops including cusion work places but no one imports seats for cars as apparently its illegal. So finding a set is harder than i thought. One place has a full leather trim in immaculate condition and wants 60,000Rs.

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