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Screeching Noise While Braking


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Dear All,

I own a Mazda Familia BJ5W and I hear this screeching noise while braking and till the vehicle comes to a complete stop.Since the break pads had worn out I replaced them thinking that would have caused the noise, it was all normal for about a week and now I am going through the same issue again.

The noise goes off when the break pads are removed and cleaned but after some time it comes back again.

Appreciate if you guys could help me solve this problem.

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had the same problem..

for me it was the disks. and maka bass took them to a Pattalaya. and faced them..

now its gone .. but i highly advice, if that's the case change the disks completely

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Thanks for the reply guys, I faced the disks some time back aswell.

Your right jdnet it is more of a grinding noise which is very clear when I brake at slow speed. I just checked it after you had asked me about the noise.The noise sort of follows the pace of the slowing car until it comes to a complete stop.

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Zoom-Zoom ,

I had a similar problem. I also got the grinding noise when

1- Applying the breaks, and till car goes to still

2- Driving at a very slow speed after applying the breaks.

The noise went off when the brack pads were removed and cleaned with a sand paper. But after another day or 2 (about after 50km) the sound again comes.

Apparently the reason was (cheap break pads !) that had more metal pieces in its mixture. So as the bas said that they were hard and when metal metal pieces are on surface they make the grinding noise. So After changing the break pads it went off. The newly fit break pad with more copper fiber. (As said).

Then another possible reason may be , you rear liners may need to be adjusted or replaced unless or otherwise they are self adjusting. Just check by lifting your hand - break it should make 4-7 clicking noise but no more.

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