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Need Your Views About Daihatsu Charade




Could you please give your views on these two vehicle ? (one is petrol and other one is diesel )

Model Fuel Type YOM Plate Price.


DAIHATSU CHARADE G30 Diesel 1987 32 - XXX 730,000

DAIHATSU CHARADE Petrol 1987 17 - XXX 690,000

(No model has given)

And also if you can give your comments for followings, that would be great,

1. Fuel consumption of these 2 vehicles ?

2. General advice buying of 20+ years old vehicle for that price. (is it worth according to the current market ) ?

3. Spare parts availability of these cars.

4. Any known issues of these Daihatsu Charade cars ?

Note - This would be my first car and and it fit to my budget too.



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In my point of view, diesel engine for small cars like these will cause so many issues, due to its vibration and these charade diesel engines are known for issues. Anyway I am not an expert in these charades and did not use earlier. I think our forum Charade experts will post some info.....:)

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My dad had a Charade (G101) for over 10 years and later I used it for couple of years, did over 200k on the clock & was really good on fuel -did over 15km per diesel liter if I my memory serves me right, but I remember most often it had engine heating problem + troublesome alternator.… Parts of cause was not an issue at that time ....

My advice for you is to go for the petrol one as these diesel engines are over 20 years old and I don’t think they age well… but make sure you thoroughly check the body for any corrosions/rust before you make the decision.

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