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Lower Arm Bush, What It Does?




I was instructed to replace lower arm bushes of my car when I went for wheel alignment. car is Toyota sprinter CE110 1997

please refer to attached picture.

My questions are

1. Will it be safe to use car for few times travel in E01 before replacing those? (If it is, I could do it without applying for leave. And I drive within legal limits.)

2. What are the effects on other parts of car (like tires, shock absorbers, breaks) because of these busted lower arm bushes?

3. Is there any specific reputed brand for look for other than Toyota genuine parts?




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Well the bushes are kinda tiny rubber mounts that the suspension arms pass through on the sub frame. When they wear out it creates play between the two parts and can make steering less 'tight' and feel a bit unbalanced.

1. No, driving around will be dangerous. Especially during high speeds, you could go out of control

2. Worn bushes would cause the metal to contact, so during a bump it wouldn't be much of a good idea.

3. Genuine parts it is.

Afaik this is a lengthy job as you have to take out the whole suspension.

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Why not? Any better way to replace all the bushes?

have you ever taken the control arms out of your car or even seen iit done for that matter? It's not a lengthy job if the person removing it knows what he's doing. It's actually fairly straightforward.

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Sorry bro but you cannot get a genuine lower arm bush from Toyota lanka :( you have to buy the whole arm which costs about 20,000/= (in fact you cannot get the genuine bush from any where)

If you are replacing the bush only, the best bet is to go for a Japanese one, there was a brand something like TZK which is somewhat good. The thai RBK ones only lasted couple of months on mine.

You can get a used lower arm with a good bush around 5000 from delkanda area and as per my experience they last way longer than any other bush I've used. Only issue is it's hard to find arm with a bush that is not broken.

When the bush is bad you'll hear a metal to metal contacting sound when you go over pot holes.

IF your bush is not badly damaged (that is, you get the metal sound rarely and the car is not unstable) it's not a big deal to go on E01 if you drive safely. (But u should know that there's risk) I've driven with a broken bush and the problem was with the tire wear and alignment, considering the cost of tires better to replace asap.

Replacing it is fairly easy.. remove the wheel get the arm out and replace the bush. Only thing is you need a jack or a hydraulic press to get the old bush out and put the new one in. Never ever let the bass to use a hammer to do it.

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Use some common sense dude; its your steering.. that the kinda sh!t you dont want hitting the fan ... and if you still insist on skimming out on a short-leave for a day to get it sorted out and you MUST goto galle why don't you drive slow along GALLE ROAD? They haven't closed it down you know :P

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