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Kr 42 Convert Parts



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Dear friends,

I have an idea buy Kr 42 convert one,Please some body explane me what i have to check

when i am buyng convert Kr42(replase parts in convertion)..............................


You refer to Diesel converted KR 42. The engine will be definitely Diesel.

Sylvi Wijesinghe.

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I know engine should be diesel,But i wand to know what is other parts replace with engine.


Best is to Get advice from the person who is going to fix the Diesel engine. Who had done conversions early.

As you have to depend on him for few months after fitting a diesel engine. Because there can be few problems.

Without examining the existing petrol engine fittings cannot say what parts are necessary for the conversion.

The engine mounts and Electrical battery related other parts.

Sylvi Wijesinghe.

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if you want to do it perfectly you have to change following

1. Engine & Gear box

2. Radiator

3. Air Filter unit.

4. Silencer

5. Diesel Tank

6. Complete wiring harnus including ECU. if you want RPM you have to change the Dashboard.

7. if your engine EFI you have to change wiring harnus in side the dashboard.

8. Engine mounts

9. front suspension bar set ( i fogot the real name)

10. Battery

if you not want to do it genuin you can change the folowing

1. Engine. petrol gearbox can use but you have to change the bell housing.

2. Petrol tank can use for diesel

3. Air filter unit can use. (but petrol and diesel have defferance)

4. petrol Radiator can use (Diesel radiator comes with 3 core, petrol single core)

5. Silancer can modify

6. petrol wiring can modify but you have to fix ECU

7. Suspension bar set can modify.

8. Petrol Engine and Diesel engine RPM has difference. so you have to change meter board if u want to use RPM.

most ppl only change the engine and gearbox and modify the rest. but it is not sucessfull.

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