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Ecu Problems


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hi, i've got a 97' Carina Ti and there was a fuel problem in the ECU. As in after you start, it stops automatically after 15-20 mins, even on the run.. So i got it repaired for cheap, and now i feel lack of pulling power, and more fuel wastage :sad-smiley-050:

Did a bit of a research and people around talks about saying it'll cost around 12.5k - 15k a ECU but from where can i get a good ECU??

Hope you could help me out.. Thankz!

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Since there was an issue with the current going to the tank, he somehow made it direct current and then before i start i hear a sound from it. but i guess i'll need a new one. any idea where i can buy from a good place? checked @ N.I.N Nugegoda they had the 3C engine one..

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Thanks alot. ECU Number: - 89661-2D810! If anyone knows please let me know ASAP where i could buy it from a good one.. thank you

Sorry mate, that particular part number did not yield much results so you'll have to try the usual sources of Delkanda but also Engine Watte in Panchikawatte.

I found it brand new for around $1700

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thanks for the feedback.. i've pretty much searched every where and i wish if anyone knows a good place where i can get it repaired for good once and for all.. ?? thanks..! :)


Cntact Dilantha, His contact number is 0777320871. Inform him about the problem what you have if he can he will help you.

Sylvi Wijesinghe.

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